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Stirling Business Consulting offers a wide range of consultancy services to a diverse group of industries. For more information on services of specific interest to you and your business, please see below.

Document Preparation

Not sure how to prepare the documents you need for your ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 or ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or integrated system? Stirling Business Consulting can help. Inefficient documentation can be costly and time consuming for any business. Stirling Business Consulting specialises in delivering practical and functional procedures and other documents on quality, OHS and environmental requirements.

We’re experienced consultants, and everything we do is tailored to suit each company’s individual requirements. Our documentation consists of manuals, policies, forms, procedures and spreadsheets – everything you’ll need to set up and maintain your system.

Quality Consulting

In today’s competitive business environments, there is so much more to quality than procedures and2a3941_e42c36b901d34495948841e7f179ee2d processes. The management of quality is all about meeting customer requirements and the continuous improvement of the business as a whole. Stirling Business Consulting, as experienced ISO 9001 consultants, can help you to manage your system efficiently and effectively. We’re certified to ISO 9001 ourselves, so we’re quality consultants with the practical knowledge to benefit your business.

Stirling Business Consulting treats quality consulting as another way of helping you improve your overall business performance. From senior managers through to shop floor and customer-facing workers, there are improvements that can be made if the right approach is used and organisations are committed. Dedicated quality consultants like Stirling Business Consulting can help you to discover these improvements.

2a3941_3f26e9521ecf44a9b9fe605de4ea6473OHS Consulting

As the demand for improved management of OHS in the workplace increases, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of implementing a structured OHS management system, such as AS/NZS 4801. The key to operating an effective and efficient OHS management system lies in identifying your responsibilities and developing a system that is as simple and effective as possible. As safety consultants specialising in AS/NZS 4801, we offer assistance across a wide range of industrial, commercial and public sectors. Whether your current needs relate to specific legal requirements – for example, control of asbestos – or you need to make a complete review of OHS in your workplace, capable safety consultants like Stirling Business Consulting can assist. Our experience in understanding OHS requirements will provide a solution that reduces both risk and cost.

Environmental Consulting

We’re experienced environmental consultants, and we understand the increasing importance of environmental issues and the burden of legislatory requirements. As such, it has never been more important for companies to take their environmental responsibilities seriously. In many cases, companies are unclear as to their environmental impacts, what is legally required of them and how to implement environmental improvements. Stirling Business Consulting can provide practical advice and guidance as part of a service that can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Our aim is to help you reap the many potential benefits of enhanced environmental management.

Stirling Business Consulting provides a range of services designed to maximise environmental benefits to our clients. These include the following:

  • Design and creation of environmental management systems based on ISO 14001
  • Integration of environmental management with other management systems
  • Environmental reviews and environmental impact assessments
  • Site and environmental compliance auditing
  • Energy management guidance
  • Waste management guidance.

Information Security Consulting

As security of information becomes more important and demand for structured management of this has increased, Stirling Business Consulting has expanded its consultancy offerings to include ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management systems. We can assess your organisation for existing compliance with the standard, as well as advise on gaps and how to fill them. We’re one of a very small number of consultants who offer services in relation to this standard, implementation of which is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.


Stirling Business Consulting offers flexible training options at competitive prices and provides trainees with a copy of all training resources for future use and reference. For more information, see our training page.

Internal Auditing

We believe that a major key to improving a management system lies in enhancing internal audits and improving the capacity of internal auditors.

Stirling Business Consulting can educate your company representative with the following objectives:

  • To confirm that work is being done in accordance with the standard and the system
  • To ensure suitability of audit methods, scope, criteria, documentation, and reporting
  • To ensure the auditing process is objective, adequate and effective
  • To increase accountability to the audit schedule.


We will continue to raise the capacity of your internal auditors and further enhance their understanding of the management system you have implemented.