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Stirling Business Consulting offers servicing options to suit any business. From ad-hoc visits to structured service agreements, we work with clients to find the best way to keep your system up to date.

Ad Hoc Visits

Need assistance, and need it fast? Stirling Business Consulting can arrange ad-hoc visits at reasonable rates (subject to availability). We can complete internal audits, process nonconformances, train staff, complete site inspections, update your documents – you decide. Or leave it to us, and we will decide the most pressing areas of the system to maintain.

Contact us for rates and more information on ad-hoc visits.

Service Agreements

All management systems require maintenance. So who will do this maintenance work? It’s up to individual organisations to make this decision. Depending on the size of the organisation and the scope of the system, this may require extensive training of existing staff, or recruitment of a new staff member, which may be prohibitively costly or difficult to justify. In these cases, a Stirling Business Consulting service agreement may be the answer, allowing you to obtain professional expertise while minimising cost.

Stirling Business Consulting’s service agreements are available in options of four, six, eight, 12 or 18 visits per year at a reduced day rate, allowing you to choose how much maintenance you wish to complete yourselves, and leave the rest up to us. The visits can be planned 12 months in advance, so you know when we will arrive to assist with your system maintenance. Payment options are flexible, including lump sum and pay-as-you-go. And best of all, you can save considerably on regular day rates.

Contact us for rates and more information on service agreements.