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Improve Compliance by Getting “Appy”!

Improve Compliance by Getting “Appy”!

Utilising technology in management systems can be great for increasing efficiency and compliance, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  If your system is lacking in some areas or is in need of being brought out of the Stone Age, don’t worry – there could be an app for that!

Apps can be a great way of starting small with technological improvements in your management system.  At Stirling BC, we love a good app – and we believe they can make a real difference in improving efficiency, participation and conformity, especially in the safety sphere.  Here’s some of our favourites (all available in the App Store).

1.  iAuditor by SafetyCulture – free – iOS and Android

iAuditor is very popular for safety auditing, but this excellent app can be used for any kind of auditing.  Users can set up audits using existing templates in the app’s Public Library, or create their own from scratch, including a company logo.  iAuditor is rich in features: audits completed in the app can include photos, tick boxes and custom default responses, as well as many other of the app’s “Smart Fields”.  Once the audits are complete, they can be exported in PDF format.

2. First Aid by St John Ambulance – $4.99 – iOS and Android

A simple and user-friendly app for assisting with administering first aid.  The app includes step-by-step first aid instructions and clear images designed to assist users through a variety of emergency situations, such as allergic reactions, choking, and asthma attacks.  Developed in conjunction with doctors, nurses and intensive care paramedics, First Aid provides users with accurate, up-to-date information, including the current CPR guidelines.  The app is also streamlined, fast and ad-free, which is handy in situations when every second counts.

3. Ergonomics by Stand Up Apps – $1.29 – iOS only

A full solution app for ergonomics in the workplace.  With the detrimental effects of repetitive movement, lack of movement and poor posture becoming more clear, this app helps organisations control these very real risks.  Ergonomics includes information on setting up workstations and equipment, a range of workplace-specific stretching exercises, and a nifty feature allowing users to program reminders for breaks and stretching.  Stretching instructions include images and even a countdown timer to ensure users are stretching correctly and for long enough.

4. Lone Worker Lite by South East Water Corporation – free – iOS only

A great app developed in Australia for tracking lone workers.  The app has two modes that can be used to alert up to three nominated emergency contacts that a worker may be in trouble.  With “interval timer” mode, workers choose a time period that the app counts down from, with an alarm sounding on the worker’s device when it expires.  If the alarm is not acknowledged, alerts are sent to the worker’s nominees.  With “motion detection” mode, an alarm activates if the app senses the worker’s device has been immobile for a nominated length of time.  Alerts are again activated if the alarm is not acknowledged.  Lone Worker Lite sends alerts to nominees by SMS or email, and the alert also displays the worker’s device’s last Google Maps location.  The choice of mode makes this app suitable for different types of workers and activities.

So if your system could use a little bit of technological refreshment, why not try an app or two?  Start small, test them out, and reap the benefits in your workplace.