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Wet Weather OHS Risks

After long periods of dry weather, we’re relieved in Brisbane to be receiving some solid rain over the last few days.  But with more big rain forecast for much of Queensland and NSW over the next week or so, we’ve been thinking about the additional OHS risks that wet weather can bring.  And although there […]

Implementing a Management System in 6 Steps

Establishing a quality, safety, environmental or integrated management system can seem a daunting task.  Many of our clients are completely in the dark when we first meet them, not knowing where to start, or what the usual course of action is to establish and implement a system.  But the process of establishing a management system, […]

Starting 2016 With a Focus on Worker Wellbeing

After a relaxing Christmas and New Year break, Stirling Business Consulting is back on board and open for business! We decided to ease back into our working year with one of our regular “mental health days”, so we headed to Bribie Island yesterday for a day of kayaking, fishing and crabbing.  We got out in the sunshine […]