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Implementing a Management System in 6 Steps

Establishing a quality, safety, environmental or integrated management system can seem a daunting task.  Many of our clients are completely in the dark when we first meet them, not knowing where to start, or what the usual course of action is to establish and implement a system.  But the process of establishing a management system, […]

Management System Document Packages: Yea or Nay?

In our years of business consulting, we’ve heard many stories of the pros and cons of buying “off-the-shelf” management system document packages.  You might know the type: folders of electronic document templates that you can use to DIY your own management system.  They are commonly aimed at organisations wishing to implement ISO 9001 for quality […]

Tropical Cyclone Oma – Is Your Business Ready?

Living in Australia brings a lot of excitement.  State of Origin, Melbourne Cup, Lee Lin Chin’s Twitter account … you just never know what will happen next. But another excitement that we would probably prefer to avoid is tropical cyclones.  These annual visitors wreak serious havoc and can pose significant threats.  Most people are probably […]

Starting out with ISO 9001? You Need This Book!

One of the first things we ask clients when they decide they want to establish and implement an ISO 9001 quality management system is … Do you have a copy of the standard? When the answer to this is “no”, of course, our reply is “You need to get a copy!”  And you can buy […]

Christmas closure 2018

What a year! Doing our second QMS management review for the year, we get to look back at the goals we set ourselves, and reflect on the year that has been.  We’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of terrific new clients this year, and also to maintain our cherished, longstanding relationships with our regular clients.  […]

Learning from others’ misfortune: OHS alerts

It feels like we’ve had a rash of OHS incidents across Queensland lately.  Since the start of December, I’ve seen six serious incident alerts come through from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland,and literally as I write this blog, another one has arrived in my inbox.   They’re for a variety of incidents: scaffolding collapse, forklift […]

Free Brisbane OHS Basics Workshop

Brisbane clients: are you looking to improve OHS at your organisation, but don’t yet have significant arrangements in place for doing so?   If so, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is running a free workshop aimed at helping small to medium businesses achieve just that.  The workshop is focused on educating business owners, managers and […]

Adoption of ISO 45001 as an Australian Standard

Australia is now in the process of adopting ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use as an Australian standard.  Standards Australia’s Technical Committee SF-001 commenced the project to adopt the standard in early July.  The standard will be adopted identically to the international standard, with the addition of guidance […]

Time Is Running Out: ISO Transition Period Ending Soon

BREAKING NEWS: it’s mid-July 2018 already!   It only seems like yesterday that we were advising clients of the start of the three-year period to transition their ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems to comply with the newly released ISO 9001:2015.  Plenty of time to get systems updated and audits completed.   But time flies when […]