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Yearly Archives: 2015

Stirling BC Christmas Shutdown

As 2015 draws to a close, we at Stirling BC would like to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful clients for a busy, rewarding and productive year.  We’ve enjoyed assisting you to set up and maintain your systems, and we hope you are getting value and improvement in your business from them. Stirling BC will […]

The New Standards – FAQs

We’ve been getting a few questions lately about the new ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) standards, which were released in September this year. In order to help our clients understand what the release of the new standards means for them, whether they already have certification or are looking to […]

World Quality Day!

Don’t the years just fly by?  After a busy 2015, we’re getting closer and closer to the big day.  With the Halloween decorations banished from the supermarkets for another year, we know it must be getting close … No, not Christmas!  We’re talking about World Quality Day! World Quality Day, celebrated around the world on […]

Quad Bikes – Know The Risks

For those of you who are subscribed to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s eNEWS incident alerts, a sadly familiar email came through last week.  A worker had been killed on a Queensland cattle property whilst using a quad bike. Quad bikes are a stalwart of Australian farm life and part of the rural landscape.  Used frequently for jobs like […]

Improve Compliance by Getting “Appy”!

Utilising technology in management systems can be great for increasing efficiency and compliance, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  If your system is lacking in some areas or is in need of being brought out of the Stone Age, don’t worry – there could be an app for that! Apps can be […]

Unusual workplace risks – be prepared!

It pays to make sure that your risk management process takes into account the actual risks of your workplace, even if they’re a little bit different. Take, for example, the recent events of an unfortunate mine worker in WA.  He was tasked with completing environmental rehabilitation work (a noble task, if ever there was one), […]

Fergies Print & Mail – Leading the Way in Secure Printing

Congratulations are in order for Fergies Print & Mail, which has achieved certification of its information security management system to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 with the assistance of Stirling Business Consulting. The commercial offset and digital printing company decided to formalise its efforts to maintain the security of its clients’ information after observing the increasing importance of […]