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Environmental Management: ISO 14001

All organisations have the responsibility to manage the impacts of their activities on the environment.  An ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system can assist organisations to meet their environmental goals.

Environmental management is intended to assist companies to manage their responsibilities in relation to the environment.  By establishing environmental management systems based on ISO 14001, organisations may reap many rewards internally, as well as lessen their risk of litigation, and demonstrate their environmental responsibility in the community.

Stirling Business Consulting’s experience in environmental management covers various industries, such as mining, printing, packaging, civil construction, asbestos removal, electrical installation, traffic control, manufacturing, engineering, cleaning and logistics. We provide a structured approach to designing, creating and assisting you in implementing your system. As experienced environmental consultants, we will work with you to improve the efficiency of your specific business, which will also simultaneously benefit the environment.

6edda2fdf28ee065c70b4f7aa4ab4681Potential benefits of implementing an ISO 14001-compliant system are as follows:

  • Reducing waste handling and disposal costs
  • Demonstrating reasonable care and due diligence
  • Minimising environmental liabilities
  • Demonstrating a good corporate image
  • Building awareness of environmental concern among employees
  • Gaining a better understanding of the environmental impacts of business activities
  • Increasing profit
  • Improving environmental performance through more efficient operation
  • Gaining better control over emissions
  • Improving an organisation’s reputation with government regulators, employees, customers, public, neighbours
  • Expanded market and investment opportunities – creating a competitive advantage.


As experienced ISO 14001 consultants, Stirling Business Consulting can help you to achieve these benefits and more.